Best Fitness Trackers for Women


To all ladies out there, we know how it feels to wear a bulky fitness tracker when all you want is to be fit and stylish. In this post, we will try to help you find the most stylish fitness tracker that also has a good tracking activity features that you can’t resist. The Market of fitness trackers is full of options to buy, but not all of the fitness trackers look good on the wrist for a formal occasion. That’s why we came up with this list of what we think the best fitness trackers for women that combine fitness and fashion. And guess what, these wearables can actually be worn in weddings just like any other watch or bracelet. So if you were spending your time searching google for a good fitness tracker, continue on reading this post.


Fitbit Alta hr

This one right here is Fitbit’s most stylish fitness tracker that they have ever made! and personally, we at are big fans of Fitbit’s devices for its accurate steps and sleep tracking. We were super excited to see the tracker that Fitbit designed, and we were not disappointed. Here is why the Fitbit Alta deserved a place in our best fitness trackers for women post.

What is very good about the Fitbit Alta hr is that it is not so bulky on your wrist like the other Fitbit’s products. These fitness trackers have well-built features just like any other Fitbit fitness tracker out there and it looks VERY nice and stylish.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that tracks your steps, your heart rate with a basic phone notification; then we think you have found yourself a winner.

Pros :

  • The most stylish Fitbit’s fitness tracker
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Can tracks steps, distance, calories burned.
  • Activity and sleep tracker
  • It displays notifications for incoming calls, text messages and calendar alerts
  • Keeps reminding you to be active

Cons :

  • Limited sports tracking (unlike charge 2 for example)
  • Basic smartwatch features
  • No GPS for accurate distances
Battery life: The Fitbit Alta hr lasted for a week on a single charge.

Garmin Vivomove


The Garmin vivomove is a fitness tracker with a great and fashionable design. It has a very visually appealing look that almost ranks it as a watch first and a fitness tracker second. We actually find it very nice for women, as they can wear it in the gym in the morning and at a cousin’s wedding on the evening of the same day. And that’s why we have enlisted it among the best fitness trackers for women.

The Garmin vivomove can track your active steps and also your sleeping pattern. It also tracks your indoor workout providing data related to the distance and duration.

The Vivomove is available in three models: Sport ($150 when we wrote the post, better to check current prices ), Classic and Premium

Pros :

  • Very stylish!
  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and sleep
  • Can sync with Android and iOS


  • No heart rate sensors
  • No smartphone notifications
  • Occasional connection issues with the Garmin app
Battery life: one-year battery life


Withings activité

This one right here is one of our personal favorite fitness trackers based on its luxurious look and design. This tracker is not really for regular runners or anyone who is taking her workout very seriously. It is more for people want to get a bit fitter and have a glance at their daily data while still looking very fashionable. It is a very simple tracker with basic features, however, it looks so damn good on your arm and still counts your steps. Overall, the Withings activité tracks your run, steps, and sleep but with a style. We have written a whole post about the Withings activité, you can check it out here.

Pros :

  • Luxury Design
  • Waterproof to 50 m
  • Great battery life
  • MyfitnessPal integration
  • Basic activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned) and sleep
  • Tracks: running, walking and swimming
  • Silent alarm feature.

Cons :

  • Not ideal for heavily run tracking/ sport
  • Expensive price
  • Doesn’t track elevation change
Battery life: The battery lasts up to 8 months


Misfit ray


Misfit has been around for a while producing different kinds of fitness trackers. The misfit ray is a very good fitness tracker for women that actually doesn’t really look like a tracker.

Out of misfit’s products, ray is one of the most visually appealing trackers we have seen. Just like the Withings activité, misfit ray is not targeted to those who are fitness enthusiasts “ there are other devices targeting this segment”. The tracker will count your steps, measure distance walked and estimate calories burned. It will also track your activities such as cycling, swimming, yoga, and dancing. No heart rate, no stress, and no GPS.

The misfit ray will also track your sleeping pattern and its accuracy is very impressive. Also, the device will vibrate to remind you to move your ass around once you have been sitting for a long time.

Pros :

  • Nice and a sleek design
  • Tracks activity ( steps, distance, and burned calorie)
  • Accurate tracking “ especially the sleep tracking”
  • Long battery life

Cons :

  • Basic activity tracking features
  • Lack a display option
  • Can be uncomfortable on your wrist
Battery life: the battery last for up to six months

Samsung Charm

The Samsung Charm activity tracker is designed to look like a piece of jewelry that tracks your activity. The charm has a very lightweight and is very comfortable to wear for long hours throughout the day. The tracker has a LED light to keep you notified once you received calls, text or social media notification. In term of capabilities, the charm can track your daily activities including walked steps, burned calories, and the number of slept hours. The tracker is good if you are looking for a basic activity tracker that has a nice design and your aim is to be encouraged to move around. Otherwise, if you are a serious sport enthusiastic this is not the one for you.

Pros :

  • Good activity tracking
  • Very nice and sleek design ( a unisex look )
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours

Cons :

  • Vey basic and not accurate sleep tracking
  • Doesn’t have a lot of track/ sports features
  • No vibration
Battery life: built-in 17mAh battery that allows you to use the device for up to 14 days on a single charge

Bellabeat  leaf Urban

The bellbeat leaf urban is the “all in one ” activity tracker for women. Among all the other options that we have listed, this is the only one that tracks the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. The bellabeat leaf urban is just like any other tracker with basic tracking features which mean it tracks steps taken, and sleep patterns. What makes it very special is its application that tracks the menstruation cycle just like any other period tracker app, but we found it useful to have all the lifestyle data in one place. The application also offers breathing and meditation tracking features, which is missing in other activity trackers. You can find a detailed review of the bellabeat leaf urban here.



  • Very stylish and well-designed tracker
  • Tracks basic activity
  • Accurate sleep tracking
  • Can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clipped


  • No auto syncing
  • No GPS
  • No heart rate monitor
Battery life: it runs on a coin cell battery, which means it will last for 2-6 months