Fitbit Charge HR| REVIEW

FitBit Charge HR; A tracker with a continuous heart rate monitor   The FitBit charge hr is one of the few trackers that stands still against all other bands. It was considered to be on of the best fitness trackers on 2015.Especially with the fact that FitBit kept it promised and produced a great band […]

FitBit Charge VS FitBit Flex- Review

Fitbit Charge VS FitBit Flex If you are looking for a fitness tracker, I can tell you are in the right place. Fitbit is a well-known name in the market of trackers, they have a wide range of products. Fitbit has produced so many great fitness tracking devices that look good and function very well. […]

FitBit Charge HR VS Jawbone UP3

When it comes to fitness trackers, it has always been a difficult subject to speak on. Well, you have got the nerdy people who keep on listing the functionality using every single hard terminology to understand. And the brand’s loyal who keeps defending the brand for whatever reasons. And eventually, there are the buyers and […]