Fitbit Charge HR| REVIEW

FitBit Charge HR; A tracker with a continuous heart rate monitor


The FitBit charge hr is one of the few trackers that stands still against all other bands. It was considered to be on of the best fitness trackers on 2015.Especially with the fact that FitBit kept it promised and produced a great band with a continuous heart rate monitoring. Which is something that the charge hr exceeded among its competitors. When it comes to copmetetion, we can’t leave out Jawbone’s up3 that we have posted and entire blog about it. And if you need more information checkout our Fitbit charge hr vs Jawbone up3 blog post.



Features of Fitbit Charge HR



The fitbit charge hr looks almost the same as fitbit’s previous band the fitbit charge. The charge hr is made of a rubber band, with a LED display that shows you your steps, distance, floors climbed and other data. The fitbit charge hr comes in several colors; black, plum, blue, teal and tangerine. And the LED screen matches the color of the band.

What is good about the fitbit charge hr design, is that it has a clasp just like the one in the watches. Which make it easier to wear and way more secure. The charge hr has an optical heart rate monitor, that continuously reads your heart rate and it is located at the bottom of the LED screen



As the fitbit charge, the charge hr does the basic needs of a fitness tracker. It tracks your steps, distance walked, floors climbed and calorie burned. And above all of that is the continues heart rate monitoring, which the charge hr provides that gives you more accurate data. Which is mostly the main benefit of having a fitbit charge hr.

The fitbit charge HR will also measures your resting heart rate(which we have explained in the Garmin vivosmart hr post) which is measured as soon as you wake up. And that’s bring the question: why is it good to measure resting heart rate ?

A lower heart rate is an indication sign of an efficient heart with a good function, and as you get fitter your resting heart rate number should be low.

When it comes to activity tracking ,the charge hr focuses on gym workout unlike many other fitness trackers that focus only on running or cycling and give it their big attention. And because of the optical heart rate monitor, the band can gives you more accurate data about your gym workout while monitoring your heart rate. The charge hr also enables you to track your exercises, by logging your start time and end time through pressing the button.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.23.40 PM

The fitbit charge hr also tracks your sleep , and acquire data about your sleeping habits and patterns such as the time you go to sleep, hours slept and your light and deep sleep. The band will actually detects your sleep without the need to manually initiate the sleeping mode like other fitness trackers.(.(if you are looking for a deatailed sleep pattern, the Withings Activité would be a better option ) Not only does the fitbit charge hr monitor your sleep, but it also make sure to wake you up. The band has the feature of a silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up without making a big noise, good especially when you have a partner.

A great feature in the fitbit charge and charge hr is the caller id, it shows you the name of the person who is calling you at the moment. So what happened is that the band buzzes and the caller’s name will be shown in the LED display. However, there are no other notifications that can be received and displayed by the band.


FitBit charge hr battery life | FitBit charge hr waterproof

The fitbit charge hr has a good battery life that lasts for more than five days. Which is considered very good time span when you compare it to other fitness tracker with optical heart rate.

So, is the fitbit charge hr waterproof ?

No, it is not it is water resistant. Which means you can shower with it but you can’t swim wearing it ( 1 ATM water resistant).


Now, let’s sum up all the specification about the fitbit charge hr in points.

  • A fitness tracker that monitor your steps, distance walked, floor climbed and calories burnt
  • Optical heart rate monitor; which gives a countinouse heart rate readings
  • Track your sleeping ; record and anaylaze data about your sleeping habits such as hours slept
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Caller id feature; shows caller’s name at the exact moments.
  • Exercise and activity tracking

FitBit the APP


With no doubts, fitbit has one of the greatest fitness application out there. The application is very easy to use and it is graphically appealing. The data are shown in an easy to read graphs and charts. Once you open the app, everything will be presented to your from your activities to your sleeping. The application will show the data of the current day; steps walked, distance, floors climbed and calorie burnt. It will also shows you your current standing against your goals. And it will enable you to compare your current data with historical data.

Not only that, there are plenty of things that you can do in the application. You can set goals for your self, log in your weight, log in your food and drinks.

You can also choose different challenges to do it alone or with your fitbit friends. Which creates a big motivation to keep moving and exercising throughout the day. Speaking about motivation, the application award you with badges and award that you receive upon completing a goal or a challenge to keep you motivated.

There are many other options that you can explore and set through the application, for example you can choose to show the caller id’s notification or not.The application runs on iOS, Android and Windows. And it also can be connected to a third party application such as myfitness pal.


Pros and Cons of FitBit Charge HR


  • Continuous heart rate tracking.
  • Affordable price : around $140
  • Good design; comfortable and secure
  • Great application
  • Sleep tracking


  • Not water proof
  • No GPS
  • LED screen scratches very easily

Where to Buy FitBit Charge HR ?