FitBit Charge HR VS Jawbone UP3

When it comes to fitness trackers, it has always been a difficult subject to speak on. Well, you have got the nerdy people who keep on listing the functionality using every single hard terminology to understand. And the brand’s loyal who keeps defending the brand for whatever reasons. And eventually, there are the buyers and the searchers who are as lost as you are looking for a great tracker to get. Well, guess what my friend; you have reached a place where you can read, understand and compare between the different fitness trackers out there in the market.
what you need to know is that Both Fitbit and Jawbones have produced many fitness trackers and competed against each other and other brands as well. As a reason of that, you will always find these arguable articles about which is better. But we believe it is all based on subjective matters; as in what do you need it for and what is your budget like.
With all of that being said, in this article we will be comparing FitBit charge hr vs Jawbone up3; this will help you to decide if you want to get any of these two.

Fitbit Charge HR



The Fitbit Charge HR is a wristband with high performance that automatically and continually tracks your activity and heart rate. The band tracks your activities all day long and during workouts and it gives you more accurate calorie burns, heart rate, steps, distance, and floors climbed. It also monitors your sleeping and collects data about sleeping quality that you had. The Charge hr also sync all that data wirelessly to your smartphones and computers so you can daily monitor your progress and keeps yourself motivated to achieve your next goal. All of that without the annoying chest strap. Overall, you will enjoy a detailed picture of your daily activities plus you can finally monitor your sleep and understand your sleeping habits for a better understanding of your body. Also, you can peacefully wake up by setting the silent vibrating alarm that can also be used as a reminder.


What else :

  • Pure Pulse Heart Rate tracking: it continuously tracks the heart rates.
  • Tracks and counts the steps, floor climbed, distance, calorie burned and heart rate.
  • Track your sleeping habits over the night
  • You can set up a silent alarm that buzzes to wake you up
  • Exercise Tracking: tracks and records your exercises in the Exercise Mode that can be later viewed from the app
  • Caller Id: it shows caller-id notifications whenever the phone is near by
  • Bright clear OLED Display that shows the time and date, and different stats. And it is designed to switch itself off after a couple of seconds.
  • Water splash resistant

Learn more about the Fitbit Charge hr hereFitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large

  • You can view and analyze your progress
  • Log workouts view a monthly exercise calendar
  • Start a stop watch/ timer to log workouts
  • Track run stats
  • Add friends, invite them to compete and share your progress
  • Log Food and meals, and drinks, too.
  • Receive goal achieving badges and notifications
  • Track and view your sleeping
  • Customize your screen display
  • View your workouts in different time periods: daily, weekly and monthly


Jawbone UP3


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.20.26 PM

The UP3 activity tracker from jawbone is considered to be a high activity tracker. It is a wrist-band tracker that gives you a whole picture of your active life. It does not only Track steps, distance and calories burned but it also learns about the way you move and record that. It can also track different activities like running. The Jawbone up3 also tracks down the sleeping habits, the time it takes you to get to sleep and the quality of the sleep you have every night. The up3 also tracks your food and drinks through the app and track down the calories you have burned on working out. The Jawbone up3 is known for its multi-sensors technology that gives more accurate data.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.20.57 PM

What else:

    • Activity Tracker: it tracks your steps, exercise and calories burned throughout the day
    • Advanced sleep tracker: it tracks and monitors your sleep with the advanced multi-sensors that it has.
    • Monitor sleeping stages: awake, REM, Light and deep sleep
    • Food tracking: it tracks your food, drinks, calorie, and nutrition
    • Smart Coach: UP provides what they call “ smart coach” that personalize insights based on your activity. It also helps to guide you through your day and motivates you to keep active
    • IDL alerts to keep you on track
    • A Silent alarm that wakes you up by vibrating
    • Wirelessly syncing of the data
    • Water splash- proof

Learn more about the Jawbone Up3 HereUP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker, Black Twist

What’s in the App

  • Logging your food and drinks with the UP barcode scanner, typing, snapping a picture or choosing from the pre-set
  • Set sleeping goals
  • View and analyze your daily sleeping stages
  • View and analyze you activity track and burned calories
  • Set smart alarms / idle alarms
  • Set stop watch to time your exercise
  • Set power naps to rest and recover
  • Log workouts
  • View the life line that shows you all your activates

Now, with all of that being said you should have a great overview of these two devices. But what are the difference between them that will make you prefer one over the another?


Fitbit Charge HR VS JawBone UP3


  • Battery life:
    • Fitbit charge hr: the battery last for 5days due to the multi-sensors the band has
    • Jawbone up3: The battery last for 7 days
  • Design :
    • Fitbit charge hr: A nicely designed watch strap with buckle.
    • Jawbone up3: sleeker and slimmer design, more an accessory than a watch
  • Price:
    • Fitbit charge hr: $143- $150 ( depending on the color)
    • Jawbone up3: $150- $160 ( depending on the color)
  • Available colors
    • Fitbit charge hr: Comes in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Tangerine
    • Jawbone up3: Color: Black Twist, Silver Cross, Indigo Twist and Ruby Cross
  • Heart Rate monitor
    • Fitbit Charge hr: Pure Pulse Heart Rate tracking: it continuously tracks the heart rates.
    • Jawbone Up3: Resting Heart Rate (measured once daily before your wake up) and Passive Heart Rate (measured throughout the day|with the latest update).

Overall comparison

  • Up3 is great in the sleep analysis and also it has a better silent alarm function that wakes you up in your lightest sleep cycle. However, the Fitbit wakes you up at the exact time you set
  • Jawbone works with more applications than the Fitbit
  • The Fitbit charge hr continually read your heart rate through the day. While the jawbone up3 only reads it at night on shows your resting heart rate
  • The Fitbit charge hr has a screen to display the time, distance, steps, floor, calories, and heart rate. Also, it shows the caller id

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