Fitbit slimmest tracker with heart rate monitor; Fitbit Alta hr



Fitbit is a well-known company for producing fitness trackers. We experienced some of their products and wrote reviews about it. You can check our Articles on  The Fitbit Charge Hr,  Fitbit Charge vs Fitbit Flex  and the Fitbit Charge hr vs jawbone up3 

There are different kinds of Fitbit’s products that you can choose from, depending on your purpose of getting one. But if you are looking for one that combines the features of fitness trackers yet still looks very fashionable to wear to a dinner, then the Fitbit Alta hr is the one. And yeah you guessed right the “hr” means that it also tracks and monitor your heart rate. It’s a pretty cool wearable. In this post, we will review the Fitbit Alta hr and explains all its spec.




According to Fitbit, the Fitbit Alta hr is one of the slimmest fitness trackers that comes with a heart monitor sensor. The Fitbit Alta hr has a very sleek design and looks which makes it very fashionable to wear, unlike other bulky trackers. And, it can be a perfect choice for all the ladies out there because of its small size ( Check our post on best fitness trackers for ladies )

The strap designed for the Alta hr is a watch buckle, which makes it easier to fasten the tracker to your wrist. These straps can be customizable to different colors and different materials, there are both silicon and leather straps. We found that changing straps added more sense of elegance to it, you literally can wear it everywhere. It stands out as a cool designed band and less of an activity tracker.

The Fitbit Alta hr has an OLED display that responds to taps. As there is no button in the Fitbit Alta hr, cycling through the menu will be via tapping the screen.

Overall, the tracker is very lightweight, it has a display screen and heart monitor an all in just 15mm in width.


Other than the heart rate monitor that we have been bragging about in the entire post, the Fitbit Alta hr excel in other features as well. The Alta hr like any other Fitbit wearable, tracks the steps taken, calorie and distance. It also has a smart track which allows the tracker to automatically recognizes the activity and exercises and track it. The auto exercise recognition detects different sorts of activities like running, biking and more.

You can check and see how far you are doing by tapping the OLED display and check your progress vs your goal.

The Fitbit Alta hr has an auto sleep detecting feature. Which basically means that it will automatically detect when you are sleeping and tracks your sleeping duration and consistency. So, you don’t need to daily log in your sleeping time. Not only that, it also has a silent alarm feature to wake you up peacefully. Since the Alta he has a heart rate monitor, it can show your time in light, deep and REM sleep which will help you understand your sleep pattern and quality.

A very useful feature in almost all Fitbit trackers is the call, text and calendar notification. We found that very useful in a different situation, like checking your band instead of your phone in a meeting – disclaimer: don’t do that, very distracting.

It also sends you notifications whenever you have been sitting on your couch chilling for a long time to remind you of moving.

 Is the Fitbit Alta hr waterproof

The Fitbit Alta hr is a water-resistant tracker, however, only to sweat and rain. You can’t take a shower with it or dive into swimming wearing one. So, no it is not waterproof.


What about the battery life of the Fitbit Alta hr

Fitbit Alta hr has a battery life that lasts for up to seven days. However, we found that it really depends on your usage. Therefore, it could last between 6-7 days depending on how you use it. Fitbit made an excellent job improving the battery life of the Alta hr. being a very slim tracker with great feature and heart rate monitor but still keeping 6-7 days of charge is a great win.



Fitbit App: ranked as NO.1 in fitness and health apps

Fitbit Application

All the data collected in the Alta hr will be displayed in the Fitbit app. We really found this app very easy to use and navigate around. In the application, you can set tailored and personal goal to be achieved. It will also provide you with health and fitness guidance and will give you recommendations based on your Fitbit activity. You can also log in your daily food intake and watch your calorie and track your weight.


The Fitbit application will show you your daily activity, how many steps walked and calorie burned. It will also record your sleep at night and provide you with data related to your sleeping pattern. You can also use the tools in the app to create sleep goal, bedtime reminder, silent alarm and review your sleep trends.

Activity and workout

In the app, you can log your workout and then see all the data related to your workout, duration, impact, and performance. Your logged workouts will be displayed in your exercise calendar, and you can always check your accomplishments and be more motivated to achieve the next goal. Speaking of motivation, the Fitbit app allows you to share your stats with your friends and followers. Not only that, now you can also share a selfie or a view of the place where you hit it hard and exercised. You will also earn cool badges whenever you hit a millstone or reached a goal, and this will help in keeping you motivated. And you can encourage yourself or your other Fitbit- buddies by challenging them and compete using the Fitbit challenges feature.


Weight & Nutrition

In the app you can get the guidance you need in nutrition goals, as you can do the following:

  • Track Weight
  • Mesure Hydration
  • Log food
  • Reach Weight Goals

Fitbit Alta hr Features summary

  • Slimmest and very fashionable design with customizable bands.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring, which helps to provide accurate data
  • Tracks steps, calorie, and distance
  • Auto exercise recognition
  • Auto sleep detecting and sleep stages
  • Call, text and calendar alerts
  • Notifications and reminder to keep moving
  • Battery life up to seven days
  • Water resistant; not designed for swimming.


Pros and cons of the Fitbit Alta HR


  • Slim and comfortable design
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Custom Straps
  • Advanced sleeping tracking


  • No GPS for accurate distances
  • Slightly unresponsive display
  • Basic tracking features.