Garmin – Garmin Vivosmart HR Review

Garmin vivosmart hr – Garmin’s 1st Optical Heart Rate Monitor


You can’t look for fitness trackers without considering garmin vivosmart hr as one of the options. Garmin tried its best to produce a wearable (aka fitness tracker) that enjoys a decent amount of features in a reasonable price. There has been a great amount of wearable around, and as we always say; get the one that its features match your needs. If you are looking for a simple fitness tracker that does its basic tracking but also have a heart monitor plus smart notifications. Then you should probably want to keep on reading this post.

Garmin vivosmart hr features



If you are looking for a fitness tracker with great look and style, the gamin vivosmart hr is not the right one for you (almost as big as Microsoft band 2). The band is quite big and bulky and is not very feminine ( for the ladies out there). Which some people might find it annoying to some extent and it is understandable sense you will be wearing it for 24 hours. However, for others the look doesn’t really matters. The band has a 1.00 x 0.42-inch,160 x 68-pixel LCD touchscreen that will be used to navigate through the different stats. The vivosmart hr is made of a silicon band, which makes it very flexible and comfortable, and it has a regular watch strap closure style with a buckle.

On the inside of the band, there is an optical heart rate monitor, which monitors and reads your heart rate and resting rate.

The band is produced in three colors; black, purple and blue. And it comes in a regular and x large size.



The vivosmart hr will track your steps walked, floors climbed, calorie burned, distance and your sleep. Which is what its competitor the fitbit charge hr does. In addition it also tracks your active and inactive moments during the day. It has what is called the “ moving bar” which once filled you will have to move around until it is clear, to motivate you to be more active.

Since the garmin vivosmart hr has an optical heart monitor, it means the band keeps monitoring your heart rate throughout the day. And it will also monitor and displays your resting heart rate. By having a heart rate monitor, the band will accurately tracks your activity and your sleeping. When it comes to sleeping the garmin vivosmart hr will automatically detects and tracks your sleeping habits. The band analyzes your deep and light sleeping, record the data and present them graphically in the application. Not to forget to mention the smart vibration alarm that the vivosmart hr have.

Not only that, the vivosmart hr has a feature called “Intensity minutes “which tracks your progress and compares it against aerobic activity goals recommended by health organizations such as American Heart Association.


Beside acting as a fitness tracker, the garmin vivosmart hr acts as a smart watch as well. The band receives and displays notifications from your phone. While the fitbit charge hr shows you calls and texts only, the garmin vivosmart hr shows more than that (texts, calls, emails, calendar events, Facebook, Twitter, and more). Once you receive a notification the band will buzz and show the notification and a part of the message. However, it only display the notification but you can’t reply or do anything useful with it like a proper smart watch. And, you can’t narrow down the type of notification to be received through the band, what you can do turn off the notification and disable it from the settings of your phone.

Another cool feature is that you can actually control your music through the band, which is a very good feature to have. This let you skip songs or go back and forth in your playlist while working out.

The garmin vivosmart hr knows how to keep you motivated when it comes to being active. If you have slacking out and staying on the couch for a while without moving, the vivosmart hr will buzz to tell you to keep moving and get active. It is a great way to keep you active. Another great feature is that there is a “ find my phone” feature. If you lost your phone, you can tap the phone icon in the band and it will send signal to your phone so you can find it. Pretty cool !


Is Garmin vivosmart hr water proof or water resistant ?

The garmin vivosmart hr is water proof up to 5ATM ( water resistant to 50 meters). Just like the previous vivosmart, you can shower and swim wearing the band.

Garmin Vivosmart HR: Battery life

The vivosmart hr have a battery life of 5 days.


 Here is a simplified list about the Garmin vivosmart hr features mentioned above

  • Tracks steps walked, floors climbed, calorie burned, distance
  • Tracks heart rate to provide more accurate data
  • Monitors your sleeping pattern and tracks your deep and light sleep
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Intensity minutes ; tracks your progress against aerobic activity goals recommended by health organizations
  • Track both active and in active moments
  • Smart notification; calls, texts, social, music, games
  • Control over music
  • In active moments vibration; vibrates once you have not moved for a while.
  • Find my phone feature
  • Battery life of 5 days
  • Water proof up to 50m

Garmin Vivosmart HR Application: The Garmin Connect


The vivosmart HR syncs the collected data to the Garmin’s Connect app. The application is fully compatible with both Android and IOS. The application allows you to look into your data and analyze your progress. In the application you can know how many steps walked, floor climbed, calorie burnt and if you’re connected to My fitness app you can know the consumed calories. The data is represented in graphically appealing charts and graphs.

In the application, you can view your daily activates and you can even compare them to the last 7 days, last month and last year.

The application has four windows; Snapshots, Leaderboard, Calendar, News Feed. In the snapshots window, you will view your current day’s data within all he different aspects. In the leaderboard window, you can see your progress among your Garmin users fiends. The calendar window shows a list of the days with its activities. And finally the news feed shows tracked workouts.


After all of that being said, here is our pros and cons list of the garmin vivosmart hr

Pros of Garmin Vivosmart HR

  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Smart notification
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Water proof

Cons of Garmin Vivosmart HR

  • No interaction with the notifications
  • Bulky design
  • Garmin Connect is somehow confusing