Garmin vivosmart hr vs jawbone up 3; Which one to get

When it comes to getting a fitness tracker, you might feel confused because there are a lot of option to choose from. As we always say, you need to determine what you need from a tracker first in order to limit your options. We write reviews and compare some products in order to make it easier for our readers to make a decision. Here in this post, we will be reviewing two fitness trackers from two different brands; the Vivosmart Hr from Garmin and the Up 3 from Jawbone. The Garmin vivosmart hr and Jawbone’s up 3 are both great fitness wearable to have. Both of them are wrist-bands, with features of fitness and activity tracking. In this post, we will be providing you with the differences and the similarities of these two, so if you consider getting on of them you will find this post useful.


Garmin Vivosmart HR


When you have a first look at the Vivosmart, you will notice that it is a bit of a chunky wristband. It doesn’t look very feminine on the hand. It comes in all black color and you can choose which size you need ( a small for the smaller wrist and a large one for larger wrists ). Though this tracker looks a bit huge, it has a very lightweight in a way you will forget about wearing it after a while. Which also means you do not need to worry about wearing to the shower because this beast is a 5ATM waterproof. You can wear it in the pool as well, however, it does not track your swim laps.

The Vivosmart Hr has an LCD touchscreen, it is a 160 x 68 pixel with a backlight for reading the watch interface in the dark which you can initiate it by covering the watch with your hand. The screen displays have a watch interface that is displayed all the time, and it also displays other stats which you can go through them by swiping left and right.


When it comes to the features of the Vivosmart hr, this tracker will track your steps, floor climbed, the amount of distance walked and your calorie. it will keep an eye on your active moments and will detect your inactive moments and display that in the Move bar. Once this bar id filled it means you have been lazy and you need to move around to clear this bar. When it comes to smartphone notifications, this fitness tracker will buzz to let you know that you received call or text, it will also show a snippet of the text message. Another cool feature is that you can skip music from your wrist, as this tracker works with most of the music playing apps.

So, the vivosmart Hr has decent features when it comes to tracking your activity, but what about the heart rate monitoring? Like its competitor the Fitbit Charge HR, the Garmin Vivosmart HR tracks and monitors your heart rate throughout the day. You can view your resting heart rate by swiping through the stats displayed on the tracker’s screen. Not every fitness tracker provides a resting heart rate, which is why we thin Garmin did a pretty good job here. Other than tracking activities and heart rate, the Vivosmart also tracks your sleeping habits and patterns. Unlike the original Vivosmart, the Vivosmart hr will automatically detect your sleep and it will provide with insights regarding your sleep stages.

  • Tracks your steps, floors climbed, distance walked and calorie burnt
  • Heart rate monitor and resting heart rate
  • Tracks active and inactive moments
  • Tracks and monitors your sleeping habits
  • Smart notification; calls, texts, social, music, games
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Inactive moments vibration

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Jawbone Up 3


Comparing the Jawbone Up3 design to Garmin’s Vivosmart hr, the Up3 looks more of a piece of jewelry than a tracker. The Up3 comes in one size, and it has a movable clasp to fit your wrist perfectly. It has a slim look, with a rubber strap and a weighs of 29g, making it Jawbone’s t lightest tracker. It also has an aluminum body that houses its sensor and LED lights. This tracker does not have any screen, which means you will view all your data in the app. However, it does have LED lighting that indicates different modes; Orange for sleep and Blue for activity, and white for notifications from the Up application.

The band will also vibrate when you have notifications to read on your phone, or when you set a silent alarm to wake you up.

The Up3 has bioimpedance sensors, which measure heart rate and other things, however, to get better results the tracker needs to be fastened so that it touches your skin all around. According to Jawbone, you can wear your Up3 to shower, or when washing your hands or dishes but you can’t take it for a swim.



The Up3 covers the basic tracking features just like any other fitness tracker. The Up3 tracks your steps and distance, it uses algorithm combined with the motion sensors to do so. The Up3 does not have a GPS, so you might find the results a bit off, but this is the case with every tracker that does not depend on GPS. The Up3 can recognize various activities such as; running,  tennis, hiking, dancing and Zumba. So if you like to do a lot of cardio, it is a good tracker for that. When it comes to other sports, you will need to manually log them into the application.

Other Than activity tracking, the Up3 makes sure that you stay active by buzzing and vibrating when you spent sometime slacking. Also, the Up3 can measure your sleep; by monitoring your bpm and body temperature it will be able to detect your light and deep sleep. In the app, you will be able to view a detailed analysis of your sleep. Your heart rate will be still monitored by the band even while you are asleep.




So .. What is the difference between Garmin Vivosmart HR and Jawbone Up 3?

Brand Garmin vivosmart HR Jawbone UP3
Image 71orrmb-yhL._SX425_61yXpwLc6vL._SY355_
Features 1.00 x 0.42-inch,160 x 68-pixel LCD touchscreen

Made of a silicon band
Has a regular watch strap

Tracks steps walked, floors climbed, calorie burned and distance

Tracks active and inactive moments

Has an optical heart monitor

Monitor heart rate and resting heart rate

Track and monitor sleeping automatically

Analyze deep and light sleep

Smart vibration alarm

Receives and displays notifications (texts, calls, emails, calendar events, Facebook, Twitter, and more).

Control music from your phone’s playlist

Find my phone feature

There's no OLED display but it has lights to indicate sleep mode, activity mode and notification

Made of a rubber skin band (TPU rubber strap) and an aluminum body (less than 0.5% nickel)

Tracks steps, distance and calories burned

Tracks and monitor sleeping pattern automatically; REM and deep sleep.

Monitor both heart rate and Resting heart rate

Smart vibrating silent alarm

Idle alerts; to keep you motivated and moving

Log your food and drinks for food and calorie tracking

Smart coach; gives you personalized insights

light fitness tracker that is around weighs 29g
Other Features Show the time
Goal setting
Setting reminders
No personalized coaching
Doesn’t show the time
Goal setting
Setting reminders
personalized coaching
Compatible devices Computer
Mobile devices
Mobile devices
Water proofWater proof up to 5ATM ( 50 m)Water resistant; yes for shower, no for swimming
Battery life up to 5 days up to 7 days
Reviews Garmin vivosmart HR Review Jawbone up3 Review
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As you can see by reading the above table and the related reviews, the Garmin vivosmart hr and Jawbone’s Up 3 are very similar in their basic fitness tracking features. Yet, the differences are as follows;

  • The Garmin vivosmart hr has a display that shows the collected data, and you can control music through it and finally read the notification that you’ve received.
  • The Jawbone up 3 considers different aspects other than activity tracking; for example, you can log in your food and drinks to track it down.
  • The up 3 is more socially integrated; you can share your goal and achievements.

So .. Which one to buy?

We would recommend having the Garmin vivosmart hr if you care about viewing your notification and being able to control your music through the band. For us, it was really a great plus one to be able to see who is calling you without the need to look at your phone.

Other than that, the jawbone up 3 is a great option with a great application and it looks fashionable too. And it is great at detecting all step based activities. If you are a big fan of Zumba and need that to be tracked down, then the Up3 is the tracker for you.

Common Questions;

What is in the box of Garmin vivosmart hr?
In the box you will find; AC Adapter, Clip, quick start menu, USB charger and wristband
Is jawbone up 3 compatible with Android?
Yes, the jawbone up 3 is compatible with both iOS and Android.

On the other hand, the Garmin vivosmart hr is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and OS X
What app does it work with Garmin vivosmart hr?
The vivosmart hr uses Garmin’s application connect to sync the data with. However, you can use any other fitness applications such as MapMyFitness, Strava, Endomondo

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