Hydration Trackers; Smart Water Bottles to keep you hydrated 


When it comes to drinking enough water throughout the day and keeping our body hydrated, we all will plead guilty. We all know that we should get 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water each day, but it always seems impossible to do so. The issue is even worse in winter, when you don’t feel thirsty at all and might figure out by the end of the day that you didn’t drink water at all. For me, I found out that I drink more coffee than water, and I don’t notice it till I start feeling some pain indicating my hydration level. Luckily, the tech world is trying to help by developing apps that keeps reminding you to drink water every once and a while. Also, there is a shift of interest toward hydration trackers and sensors in the market of wearables and we will witness one very soon. But until that happens, we need to depend on other tools and nothing better than a water bottle as a hydration tracker. Though I have a regular water bottle, I still seem to lose my track of the amount of water I had – except when my toilet visits kick off then I know that I’m getting enough of water. But now with a smart water bottle, you can keep track of your daily water intakes and be constantly reminded to drink more water till you reach your daily goal. In this post, we will be writing about some of the coolest and smartest water bottles that act as hydration trackers, which will definitely help you be on track.

As we already mentioned, being hydrated is very important for your body and even your mood. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs water to survive. It can be sometimes very easy to forget about drinking water, that why a hydration tracker can solve the issue by helping you keep an eye on your daily water intake.


Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

When we were looking for solutions to our issue, we found out some really cool products that would make it easier to drink water on the long run. Especially if you have a busy working schedule, having a hydration tracker would be easy for you to monitor your daily water cups.

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 is a cool and smart water bottle that helps you monitor and track your hydration level. With a sensor inside the bottle, the Spark 2.0 automatically records how many oz/ml you drink.  Coming in different colors, the Spark 2.0 water bottle glows to remind you to drink water which will difficult to ignore. As it tracks your water intakes and syncs that with your smartphone via Bluetooth.  it supports both iOS and Android, but it has limited Android support for some devices – Better to check compatibility here before you purchase it.

Another cool feature that the Hidrate Spark 2.0 have “ other than glowing” is that it can integrate with your Fitbit, Apple watch or any other activity tracker. The bottle has a long-lasting replaceable battery so you won’t worry about charging it daily. However, what you need to know is the Hidrate Spark 2.0 is like a regular water bottle, it has nothing to do with keeping the water cold or hot. This smart water bottle is BPA Free, and it holds 24 ounces of fluid. You can get the Spark and check latest prices on Amazon via this link.



Teal Thermos with Connected Smart Lid

With this Thermos, you can achieve your daily hydration goals and have a better and healthier lifestyle. The Teal Thermos is a smart bottle that  is connected with a smart lid, which when used with the accompanying application will measure your daily water intakes and provide you with real-time temperature level of your beverage. Using the application, you will need to set up your daily hydration goal, and you can even calculate your need for water intakes using the app’s calculator. You will find your information displayed on the activity dashboard page about the current liquid level in your bottle, the temperature of the liquid and the progress you are making toward your daily goal. When it comes to compatibility, this thermos is only compatible with Apple products and it requires iOS 7 and above. it can be integrated with your Fitbit account if you have any Fitbit products, and your information will be synced to your profile instantly.

Ozmo Watertight Rechargeable Bluetooth Smart Cup Hydration Tracker

The Ozmo is a rechargeable smart water bottle that helps you track your hydration level by tracking your both water and coffee intakes. The ozmo is designed to help you reach a greater level of wellness by helping your reach and sustain hydration goals. The Ozmo can measure and record your daily consumption of coffee and water, and by using the companion app, it can track your progress toward your goal. In the application, you set personalized goals, read your activity trend, read detailed reports related to your hydration level and receive notifications and reminders to drink water. The Ozmo app integrates with fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health app to sync your data with and provide you with post-workout hydration insights. The Ozmo Smart Bottle connects with the Ozmo App via Bluetooth, and it is compatible with both ios and Android. The bottle comes in 8 different and cool colors and made from tough Triton BPA Free plastic. With the ability to hold 16ozs of liquid, the smart bottle is great for outdoor exercises like running and cycling and indoor activities as well.  You won’t need your phone to be reminded to drink water, as the Ozmo will vibrate to remind you to stay hydrated. And its LED lights on the bottle will show your progress toward your daily goal.

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

The H2Opal is hydration tracker that just like any smart gadget and fitness tracker, aims to improve the quality of your daily life. The H2Opal aims to make your life easier and healthier by helping you track your water intakes to improve your health and avoid dehydration. It automatically tracks your intakes and syncs the data with your smartphone. As a hydration tracker, the H2Opal works by tracking the water intakes and send you smart and timely notifications to keep you hydrated over the day. Using the companion app, you can set a personalized goal and track your progress against that goal. These goals can be Auto-adjusted based on activity, weather, and profile (height, sex, etc.) information.Also, the bottle is integrated with Fitbit apps and Apple health, which means your water intakes data can be synced to these apps as well.The H2Opal water tracker is a Premium Quality Water Bottle made of glass to best preserve the freshness of water with a thin device at the base of the bottle.The Bottle is designed for office, home, and gym use. However, it is not a good choice for biking or hiking as it doesn’t fit in a cup holder. This product works with iPhone, you need to check Android compatibility before you purchase it.

Sippo Smart Cup

Sippo is hydration tracker that will know how much of water you have a drink and will remind you to reach your hydration level goal. The sippo cup has a flawless minimal design that makes the cup looks extremely nice and fancy. Made of stainless steel lined flask which is a  BPA free flask for hot and cold drinks. The bottle holds 14 oz (420 ml) of liquid, and the product weight 0.83 lbs (375 g) Measuring 8 in (200 mm) tall and 3 in (75 mm) diameter. This smart cup uses a Bluetooth smart pad to track your intakes, and the pad is designed to be easy to remove for dishwasher cleaning. The Sippo app will help you track your water intakes, view your progress in a chart and set personalized goals. You simply connect the smart cup via Bluetooth to connect it to your smartphone and use the app to keep track and reminding your if you forget to drink water. Once you entered your personal information, the app will provide you with a recommended daily goal that you can adjust based on your activity and the environment. Via the companion app, you will be able to view detailed drinking log, Hydration analysis, and weight history. The bottle is Google Fit and Apple HealthKit compatible, which means you can integrate it with other fitness trackers and wearables. You can get the Sippo Smart Cup via placing an order on the product site here