Is Jawbone better than fitbit : Jawbone up3 Review

UP3 By Jawbone | A smart bracelet to have

We come across alot of posts arguing about jawbone and fitbit trackers, which one is the best. In this post we will shed the lights on jawbone’s Jawbone up3 fitness tracker. Jawbone up 3 is a wristband that tracks down your daily activity and records them to be later analyzed.

As we all know Jawbone focuses on delivering a fitness tracker with a great look. And usually they achieve that goal with their jawbone up2 and jawbone up 3 and their other products. And with saying that , a question arise; what makes the jawbone up3 special than any other activity bands that we have written about ?

To answer your question, keep on reading this post to know more about jawbone up3 specifications.

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Jawbone UP3 Features


Jawbone up3 is an activity tracker in the form of a wristband. The band is actually quite fashionable; it looks very good on your wrist. And it is probably one of the few trackers that you would wear to a formal dinner. The Swiss designer Yves Béhar designed the Jawbone up3. The band is made of a rubber skin band (TPU rubber strap) that makes it both comfortable and durable, and an aluminum body in the top. The aluminum body (note: less than 0.5% nickel) covers the touch sensors and the LED lights. The UP3 uses bioimpedance sensors as well as skin and ambient temperature sensors. that are used to measure the heart rate and tracking your sleep.

The jawbone up is a very light fitness tracker that is around weighs 29g, which makes it relatively thin and slim.

The band comes in one size, and about eight colors (Black Twist, Indigo Twist, Ruby Cross, Sand Twist, Silver Cross, Teal Cross, Twilight Cross (Amazon Exclusive) and the last one Black Gold Twist that was mentioned in Oprah’s favorite things in 2015.



The jawbone up3 is an advanced fitness tracker that tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. The Up3 automatically detects sleep; unlike other trackers where you have to activate the sleeping mode manually. The band tracks down and analyzes your sleeping habits, hours slept, the quality of your sleep, REM and deep sleep.

When it comes to heart rate, the jawbone up 3 uses multi-sensor technology in order to monitor your Resting Heart Rate (measured once daily before your wake up) and Passive Heart Rate (measured throughout the day).

The band has a feature of a smart silent alarm that wakes you up by vibrating the band. And it also has idle alerts that reminds of moving and keep being active. The band syncs wirelessly with your smartphone unlick the jawbone up that needs to be plugged to sync. It has a battery life of more than 7 days. Also, Jawbone claimed that it is a water resistant, which means you can wear it while showering or washing your hand, however, you can’t swim with it.



Jawbone UP | The Application

Jawbone Up3 syncs all the collected data to jawbone’s app The Jawbone UP. The application records and analyzes your daily activities, and displays those data in an easy to read and graphically appealing charts. The jawbone up records your sleeping patterns and habits, as we mentioned it analyzes your deep and light sleep and REM.

The applications displays information about your performance, it also displays historical data and compares them to each other.

In the application you can log your activates such as running, soccer and swimming. You can also log your food and track your calories, nutrients and more.

A great feature about the application is the smart coach, which delivers personalized insights and advises according to your workout and activity performances. And it guides you to make better and healthier choices. In the application, you can set your goals in term of activities; for example you can set your daily steps walked goal. Also, you can set your sleeping goal and see if you have accomplished them or not. You can also set a stopwatch to track your exercise, and you can set power naps as well.



To sum up, here is a list of the above-mentioned features of the Jawbone Up 3

  • Jawbone up 3 tracks your steps, distance and calories burned throughout the day
  • The up 3 tracks and monitor your sleeping
  • Food tracking: it tracks your food, drinks, calorie and nutrition
  • Advance activity tracking
  • Smart Coach; provides personalized insights and advices
  • Idle alerts; to remind you to keep moving around
  • Silent smart alarm
  • Wirelessly syncing of the data
  • Water splash proof (yes for showering, no for swimming)


Pros and Cons of Jawbone Up3


  • Great battery life
  • Fashionable tracker
  • Good step and sleep tracking



  • There is no display
  • Not water proof
  • Heart rate monitoring is not continuous (as we mentioned above)