Microsoft Band 2 review ; What we think about it

Microsoft Band 2


Microsoft band 2 is a very well made fitness tracker that defeated the doubts  that Microsoft faced after releasing its first band. The Microsoft band2 has a lot of improved features that makes it a better fitness tracker. In this post we tried our best to shine on its  features and write a complete post where we review Microsoft band 2  . If you are thinking about getting  band 2, then keep on reading this post.


Features of Microsoft Band 2



Starting from the design of the band, the Microsoft band 2 is a bit bulky when you see it. But it is fairly comfortable to wear it and you start forgetting that it is on you wrist. The band has a responsive OLED display; it is easy to use and easy to read in all lighting situations. The display screen is curved which make it more comfy on the wrist, it is a 32 x 18mm, 320 x 128 pixel AMOLED one covered in Gorilla Glass. The band display is big enough to make it easier to read, and it is colored too. ( you can always customize your background and colors).


The second generation of the Microsoft Band has a lot of great features. Let’s start by saying it has a great number of sensors that tackles everything. The band has a heart rate sensor, which means you don’t need the heart strap to detect your heart rate and then syncing it to the phone. Not only that, the Microsoft band2 has accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS, ambient light detector, skin temperature monitor, UV and capacitive sensors, microphone and one that measures galvanic skin response and finally a barometer for measuring elevation changes which measures the floors climbed.

The Band 2 can also be used to measure your VO2 max rating; The VO2 max is the amount of oxygen that you can consume during exercise at maximum effort, and this will help you to understand your cardiovascular fitness level.




As any other fitness tracker, the band 2 will track your walked steps, climbed floors, burned calories and your sleeping quality. And the results will be more accurate sense it has a heart rate sensor.

Speaking of sleeping, the Microsoft band 2 tracks your sleeping quality and provide data about your sleeping such as: duration, sleeping efficiency, how many times you have woke up and for how long. The band 2 has a smart vibrating alarm feature that wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle.

With Microsoft band2 you can have a custom tracking of your running, biking, golfing, or working out. The GPS in band 2 enables it to track your running route and provide you the data to analyze and compare. Not only that, the band 2 provides you with guided workouts designed by pros like Gold’s Gym. You can choose the workout from the application and the band will track you through that workout session.


What we think is great about the Microsoft band 2 is that it doesn’t only track your fitness and workout but it also shows notifications. You can see email previews, calendar alerts, calls, text messages, and social updates. And you can set your own personal reminders with your voice using Cortana.3 (note that Cortana only available with Windows Phone 8.1 update). And you can actually response to text messages by using pre-defined messages that are created on your phone or you can use small keyboard right on the Band 2 and do not forget the cortana too.


The software of the band + application



The software of band 2 is great in many ways, the concept of Microsoft band 2 revolve around the use of tiles. You can set up and customize which tiles to be displays; in which you can choose three tiles in a display and there are a total of 13 tiles. You can re arrange them into your preferred order.

However, you can set up the tiles in the application on your Windows Phone, iOS, or Android device not in the band itself.




Another area in which Microsoft band 2 receives admiration is the Microsoft health platform. The Microsoft health platform is a station where you can find all the data about your fitness and workouts gathered and analyzed and presented in an easy way to understand. The Microsoft health platform is available as an application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. And there is also a desktop version that you can access using your Microsoft id. Other than providing your data, the application also compares your data to people of the same age group and weight.

The Microsoft health is compatible with other applications, including Lose It!, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Strava, TaylorMade.


So, after all the explanation here is a list of the features we’ve discussed

    • Tracks steps walked, floor climbed, calorie burned
    • Monitor your heart rate
    • Monitor your sleeping and provide data about your sleeping quality
    • Tracks your activities such as running, biking, golfing, or working out.
    • Has a GPS mapping
    • Displays notification; you can see email previews, calendar alerts, missed calls, text messages, and social updates
    • Curved screen; comfortable and easy to wear
    • Has eleven advanced sensors
    • OLED display with a bright color; easy to look at during different lighting situation
    • Provides guided workouts
    • Works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone
    • For more details check here –Microsoft Band 2 – Small


Pros and Cons

First lets start with the good things

  • Great features
  • Microsoft health is very useful
  • Good display
  • An activity tracker + shows notification
  • Multi-sport support and GPS

The bad things or not so good about band 2

  • Very short batter life (lasts for 48 hours without using GPS) need to be charged almost daily
  • Not waterproof; water splash proof only which means you can’t wear it while showering
  • The design is not so cool