Misfit shine 2 Review|| Fitness and Activity Tracker

Misfit shine 2 | Definitely a good deal

The Misfit shine 2 is the second generation of the Misfit Shine product line. They both share the same features, but the shine 2 has a little extra feature that made it better. The Misfit shine 2 is an activity and a sleeping tracker. Though there is no GPS enabled in the shine 2, but it gives you a nearly accurate steps counting. Read the post to learn more about the Shine 2.


Features of Misfit shine 2


Looking at he picture above you must have noticed the design of the misfit shine2; it is very elegant and incredibly thin. The shine 2 looks the same as shine, except they added more features in the second generation. The first thing that you will notice the metal disk tracker that is almost as the size of a coin. The surface has LED light surrounded it, and these lights shimmers and blinks whenever there is a notification or a goal been reached. In the misfit shine 2, there are 12 LED lights making a ring in the surface just like Misfit shine. What is great about the LED light is that now they can glow in around 16 million color. And it glows in different color for each notification; for example green for incoming calls.

Enough speaking about the lights, the surface is a touching sensitive, all it needs a gentle touch with two fingers and it is on. You can check your activity progress and it can be used to control music or take picture with ( works as a camera shutter).

Finally, the Misfit shine 2 comes with both a plastic clip and a band, which gives the options to wear it on your wrist or clip it on your belt or pant.



If you wondering what that little metallic disk can do, I can assure you it has some great features.

The misfit shine 2 is fitness and a sleep tracker. The shine 2 is considered to be one of the fitness trackers (among the ones without GPS) that present accurate step tracking. The shine 2 shows you your daily step and your position. You can simply tap on the surface and the LED lights will show you how far are you from your daily steps counts goal. Once you have reached that goal, the LED lights in the ring will be blinking. And if you passed your goal the color will change to indicate that. We really find it a great motivation, you will be moving around just to meet your goal and look at the LED lights with proud. HAHAHA

As we mentioned above, the shine 2 also tracks your sleep, and it does a pretty good job on doing that. The misfit shine 2 automatically detects your sleep, which means you don’t have to log in your sleep manually. Which is a great-added feature, coz no one will remembers to do so every single night!!


The shine 2 has 3-axis magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer, which has improved its sleep and activity tracking than its predecessor. Other than tracking sleep and activity, the Misfit shine 2 sends you notifications or in other words; its LED lights to indicate receiving a notification. The second generation of Misfit Shine will let you know whenever you receive a call or a text, when you have a call the LED will light in green, and it will light in blue if you received a text.

Another feature that the Misfit shine 2 has is the silent vibrating alarm. You can set up the alarm through the application, and the shine 2 will vibrates to wake you up. Not only that, you can also set up the shine 2 to give you a nudge telling you to start moving and keep lying around.



Misfit : The Application

The Misfit application run on both Android and iOS, and it is the platform where all the data is being stored. In the application, you can see all the details about your activity and sleep. The data includes; steps, distance, calorie burnt and your sleeping habits (time to wake up and sleep). The application presents you with your daily activities, and also the historical data, which is your progress last week or month. You can also log other physical activities to your Misfit app, you can name them and edit manually.

A great feature about the Misfit app is that you can connect socially with other people and share your achievements. In the application you can set alarm, nudge and enable smart notification. And if you download the Misfit Link application, you can connect your Misfit shine 2 with your smartphone, so you can play music or take a selfie with your shine2.


Misfit Shine 2 |Battery life and water proof

The Misfit shine 2 has a replaceable battery that lasts for 6 months. The shine 2 uses a coin cell battery like traditional watches, which we found quite convenient.

Now, is the Misfit Shine 2 waterproof?

Yes, it is. You can shower and swim with the Misfit Shine 2, since it is water resistant for 50 meters.


Now, here is a list of the shine 2 specification

  • Tracks your fitness and sleep
  • Tracks steps, distance and calorie burnt
  • LED indicators
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Smart Notifications
  • Vibrating nudge; to you keep you active
  • Waterproof ( 50m)
  • Long battery life ( up to 6 months)
  • Great Bluetooth syncing


Pros and Cons of Misfit Shine 2


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Great Bluetooth syncing
  • Waterproof (50m)
  • Looong battery life (up to 6 months)



  • Strap is not secured enough
  • LED lights only shows daily step; no other data.

Price $99