Misfit Vapor Review: An Android smartwatch



Misfit vapor by misfit is a smartwatch running Android software that has basic fitness tracking features along the side with other smartwatch toppings. Misfit vapor is misfit’s first foray into the empire of smartwatches, however, misfit is fairly known for its fitness trackers that were previously developed like Misfit shine and shine 2 trackers. The vapor is a smartwatch, which means it acts as a basic tracker with a large display that allows you to communicate better and smarter. Like any other smartwatch, you can receive notifications related to messages and calls. And since it runs on Android wear, it has some cool features like Google Assistant. But does the Misfit vapor works on iOS the way it works with Android devices? in this post, we tried to have a simple yet comprehensive review about the vapor.





The misfit vapor has a very sleek and a modern design. The vapor has a 1.3 full round AMOLED display with 326 pixels per inch, which is why the vapor has a very clear display. It has a 44 mm brushed stainless steel case that is approximately 13.5 mm thick, and interchangeable watch straps and buckles. These buckles are compatible with all Misfit 20 mm straps, you can customize your own wear and buy different straps. Talking about specifications, we can’t ignore the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 processor the vapor has. As you will notice the ease and smoothness while navigating through the screens and launching the apps.


Misfit vapor is not the slimmest smartwatch, however, it is not the bulkiest either. A lot of people likes the size of the watch on their wrist, but I guess it depends on personal taste and preferences.  The smartwatch comes in different colors; you have the stainless steel version, Jet, rose tone, gold tone, and copper. The all-black version might look a bit sporty and goes very well with the gym, but if you want a more stylish one and an eye-catching we recommend the Rose tone watch.

An added feature of the Vapor is that it has touch sensitive bezel or Virtual Touch Bezel as Misfit calls it. Which gives you another way of interacting with the vapor. You either use the touchscreen, the sensitive bezel or both to communicate with the watch.

Other than that, if you look at the physical appearance of the misfit vapor, you would notice a button on the right side of the watch. You tap this button to call out the app drawer, or you held it down to launch Google Assistant. On the back of the Vapor is where the heart sensor lies, just like any other smartwatch with a heart rate tracking feature.






As we said, misfit vapor is an Android Wear, which means you’ll get the latest versions of Google’s operating system running on the watch. With that being said, you will be enjoying a lot of Android features; access to the play store to download applications, customizable watch faces, Google Assistant and google notifications.

Since vapor is an android wear, however, said to be compatible with iOS. Some iPhone users reported difficulties pairing the smartwatch or getting all the features. Most of the issues found was in getting the notification. So if you are an iPhone user, you might want to consider that flaws.With that being said, there are stable features about the vapor smartwatch.



The misfit vapor has a 4GB storage, which allows you to download music to the watch, pair it with wireless headphones and enjoy the beat. Since it runs on Android, the vapor has a built-in mic that connects you to Google Assistant.

On the display, you will get app notifications and alert to keep you updated and connected. The vapor will alert you by a notification and a vibration whenever you get a text, call or even email. Not only that, since it runs on Android, you will get a notification when you have an event coming on your Google Calendar.

One very disappointing missing feature on the misfit vapor is the Android Pay, which is bringing contactless payments to smartwatches that pack NFC. Since the vapor lacks built-in NFC, you can’t enjoy this feature with this smartwatch.

Now, moving to its fitness and sports tracking features.Misfit vapor tracks your workout and progress by measuring your speed, distance and time. It also has a heart rate sensors that track your heart rate to provide you with better data and keeps your body moving. Unfortunately, the misfit vapor does not have a built-in GPS. However, it connects to your phone GPS. The GPS was found to be very accurate compared to other smartwatches, but you will need to take your phone with you on your run. Which could be annoying if you like to go light for a run.


Is the misfit vapor waterproof

The misfit vapor is waterproof; you can actually swim with this gear since it is waterproof up to 50M. Not only that it is waterproof, but the vapor will track you swim as it has its own swim mode.


The battery life of Misfit Vapor

Misfit vapor battery will last for around a day, or maybe less . if you are using it for heavy fitness tracking, expect it to run out quickly. You can recharge it over the night using the wireless charger that comes in the package.


Misfit Application


Misfit has its own standing application to be used with its products. However, it also allows for third parties health and fitness apps to be used; including Google fit as well.

Misfit Activity is the application developed by MisFit, to display the data collected by a Misfit fitness tracker or a smartwatch. The application is pretty simple to use and navigate, and it has a pretty well- designed interface compared to other Android applications.

The application will automatically log your daily workouts and activities into the “ Today’s Story Section”. Also, you will have all your progress vs goals point scores displayed on the screens of the app.

Since it is a smartwatch, you will be able to view your data using the watch itself. You can use the sensitive bezel to switch between the screens to view your heart rate or the music you are playing.

The application will also present your steps, distance, calories, weight, food intake, and sleep quality and duration. You can view the data trends over time in form of daily, weekly, and monthly stats. With the misfit Activity, you can connect with other Misfit user and community, and share your goals and progress with them.


Features summary of the Misfit Vapor

  • 3 full round AMOLED display
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 processor
  • Powered by Android Wear™ 2.0
  • Activity tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Stand-alone music storage and player
  • Virtual Touch Bezel
  • Built-in microphone
  • Connected GPS


Pros and Cons of the Misfit Vapor



  • Nice design and look (especially the rose tone )
  • Basic activity tracking
  • Smooth navigation
  • Virtual Touch Bezel


  • Does not work very good with iOS
  • No NFC, therefore, doesn’t support Android Pay
  • Connected GPS only
  • Screen sensitivity issues with sports tracking