Muse Meditation Wearable – A personal meditation assistant


“ To be healthy as a whole, Mental wellness plays a Role “

We are saying this all over again, we’re living in a rapid life that gives us a rollercoaster of feelings. No wonder why we get depressed easily, it is due to the way we live our life. We don’t stop and look around, we don’t acknowledge our feelings. We just ignore them and keep going thinking that we are good because we are too busy for that. We keep hearing that meditation makes people better, calmer and focused. That it helps you make peace with your mind, with all the thoughts that you have throughout the day. And, that’s true according to great people like Tony Robbins, meditation makes you better. With that being said, we also believe that technology makes our life better! That’s why we looked for a device that improves meditation based on your analyzing your brain waves, and we found it. Muse headband, is a wearable, a tool and a device that provides its user with accurate brain feedback while having meditation sessions.

Life is a mystery – mystery of beauty, bliss, and divinity. Meditation is the art of unfolding that mystery. – Amit Ray

What is Muse

Muse is a headband that happens to make meditation easier and helpful. It is a brain-sensing headband that aims to calm you while guiding your meditation session through sounds of nature based on real-time data of the state of your brain. Muse acts like a translator to your brainwaves, as you can understand what is going through your mind now. Are you being nervous, stressed or calmed? This is a question that can be answered with Muse, it provides you with solutions and guided sessions to take you to a better mental state.


What muse does is that it improves your meditation practice, by providing you with guided sessions and reading your brain waves. It also gives you personalized tracking, motivational challenges, and rewards to keep you encouraged. The muse will help you reduce stress, and improve your mood and have less “mood swings” that we all experience. It helps to improve your cognitive function, your attention and concentration by doing the multiple exercises provided by Muse.



The muse is a light headband, that you wear it on your forehead and tucked it behind your ears just like wearing a pair of glasses. It has sensors on the forehead, and also in the area behind your ears in which the application will accept its signal and start analyzing your brainwaves. The wearable need to be placed correctly to have better signals, just around the middle of your forehead. Actually, the muse will calibrate itself and tell you when it is not positioned correctly.

It is a wireless device, that is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can either use your smartphone or tablet’s speaker to start your sessions or you can use earbuds – use whatever you find suitable for your session.

The muse charges via a micro USB cable, and it has LEDs on its side that flashes when it’s charging, charged, pairing and paired.

What is the Battery life of Muse headband

Muse battery lifespan can differ from one person to another. Depending on the number of sessions you have done, and how frequently you are using it. You can check the level of battery life through the application.

How it works

here we will be blabbing about how the Muse works and the kind of technologies used. If you are not into reading all that just skip to its features.

The Muse headband uses an EGG sensors technology, these sensors are spread between the forehead and the two panels behind your ears. EGG means electroencephalography which is a monitoring method used to record the electrical waves and activity of your brain. The EGG is typically used in hospitals to record brain electric activity and diagnose disorders like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and even to read and treat sleep disorder. However, with technology, it made everything within reach. You now have a light device in your hand that can read your brain waves.

Muse aims to help you understand the activity of your brain, and eventually be the one in control. By using real-time audio and visual cues, you are being alerted with your brain activity. Hence, you are being trained to analyze and understand those activates and then disciplines the way your brain acts. By doing the meditation sessions, Muse will alert you once your brain wanders in some thoughts by changing the audio, then you can get back your brain and focus again. Doing this practice one time after another, you will eventually be more focused and have a longer span of attention.

To have better results, you will need to have a Muse session on your daily routine. This way you will have more data regarding each and every session, and more brain practice.


Muse Application

The muse headband works with its companion application to display the collected data from each session. The application runs on OS and Android, either smartphone or tablet. Since the muse is a headband, it doesn’t have an LED display attached to it – and that would be a totally awkward looking device that no one will buy- it relies on the application. In the app, you will begin by connecting your device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You will only need to do this once. Once it is paired, your phone will be able to detect the muse the next time you start a session. Then, as a first time user, you will need to take the tutorial that teaches you how to adjust the band on your forehead correctly.  This way you will ensure that your brain signals will be read correctly. In the begging of each session, the Muse will calibrate with your brain and take a snapshot of your brain in its natural state and use it as a reference. After that, you can start a session. During the session, Muse will communicate with you in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of natures. You get different sounds to show a different state of your mind, and you can choose the sounds yourself. After each session, you will see the results by reading different reports, charts, and graphs related to the session. You can track your progress, and earn/unlock new features as you make a progress.


Feature Summary of the Muse Headband

  • Muse is the first personal meditation assistant
  • Guided meditation to have a calmer mind
  • Measure brain activity using EGG sensors
  • Uses visual and Audio clues
  • Milestone and rewards to keep you motivated
  • End of session results and graph
  • Brain daily practice to increase focus and reduces stress.

Pros and Cons of Muse headband


  • Makes you feel very calm after each session
  • Easy to use and detailed app
  • Pairs and charges easily


  • Takes time to adjust a correct position
  • Expensive