Spire Tracker Review : A Breath and stress tracking device

Spire Review: Mindfulness and Activity tracker

The spire stone tracker

When It comes to managing stress and anxiety, we are all guilty. We happen to focus on our bodies ignoring the signal that we receive from our brain regarding our mental health. Sometimes, living in this fast forward life can be difficult and very stressful. With all the technologies out there helping us to shape our bodies and stay fit, we rarely find ones that address our mental health. And that’s where spire stands out. Spire is a breath tracking device that aims to help you acknowledge and cut stress from your life.it is not a magical device, but just like any other tracker, it helps you understand your mind and body more. In this spire review, we will explain how the spire works and its features.

Spire is basically a fitness tracker that also keeps an eye on your breath. The reason is that the way we breath tells a lot about our state; are we happy, sad, stressed or tensed. The creators of spire aimed to make it a product that measures your health and mental well- being. Spire read your breathing data, and alert you if you are having a stressful episode.




Spire is a clip-on tracker that was designed to be clipped on your clothes next to your body. The spire has a very appealing design. At a first glance, the spire looks like a very well-crafted technical device. The tracker is made of a durable plastic, with the look of a stone to give you the calmness of nature. It is very compact and light; at 32 x 44mm and 20g. and it is very soft to the skin, because of its outer skin that feels like the fabric used to cover speakers.

The tracker is designed to be worn throughout the day, it is very comfortable and barely noticeable. For best results, the tracker is supposed to be clipped in your clothes close to your skin let’s say on the inside of your wristband or for ladies they can attach it to their bra.

The spire has its own USB wireless charging dock, that is actually very pretty and has a calming design. It’s powered by Qi wireless charging technology. The charger includes a cork pad and a USB port to connect second USB cable for charging another device.



One of the best features that make the spire stands out, is its stress control. The spire’s patented respiration sensor measures your breathing in order to help you control your stress. The tracker aims to help you keep a healthy balance between your body and your mental health by tracking your steps and measuring your breath. The tracker can detect any change of breath, and gently alert you to changes. The device acts as a reminder for you to stop everything you are doing “especially if it making you stressed “and take a deep breath. It will gently vibrate to alert you.

Once such a thing happened, the application will even help you further and provide you with simple breathing exercises that can help you to be in a better state of mind.

Other than tracking your breath, the spire will also track your activity. The spire can track your steps, calorie burned.

However, what you need to know is that the tracker doesn’t keep track of your breath while doing an activity such as running. Whenever you are moving doing activities, the spire will detect that and start tracking your steps instead. However, people wonder if the spire monitors breathing while asleep and our answer is yes. It does not have a specific sleeping mode, but if you wear it during sleep the tracker will still work and vibrates if you were tensed during your sleep.

Overall, the spire tracker will detect your steps, the calorie you burned and most importantly your breath. It is one of the tools that will help you to reduce stress and stay calm. Forbes calls this tracker, the FitBit for your mind.

Is the spire waterproof

Well, not only that The Spire is waterproof and sweatproof. It’s even washing machine proof!

What about the battery life of the spire

The spire has a great battery life, it can last for 10 days.  When it’s time to recharge, place it on the charging pad and it will charge wirelessly.


The spire App


The spire stone comes with a companion application that displays all the collected data from the tracker. In the application, you can set goals regarding how many minutes per day you would like to be calm, focused or even active. You can have a look at your current breath waves due to the real-time breathing feature.

If the spire stone tracker detects that there is something wrong with your breathing, the app will send you notifications with actionable texts. You can always check the meditation sessions that help you to be more focused, calm and reduces your stress. Wearing headphones during the session is highly recommended to isolate yourself from your surroundings.

Since the device doesn’t have a display, you will rely heavily on your phone. You will need it to receive notifications regarding your breath, or your steps if you have not been moving for a long time. The application integrates with your calendar, camera roll, and location. Which will help provide a better idea of where and when you mostly feel stressed, focused or calm. We found this as a very good and helpful feature that can help you understand what triggers your stress.

In the application, you can also check your stats screen to see your daily and weekly progress.

Lastly, the application is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8.3 and above. Also, compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.


The spire stone features summary

  • Basic tracking; steps and calorie
  • Breath tracking
  • Calm focus and tension tracking
  • Breathing and meditation sessions
  • Breath rate and pattern with an in-app live view
  • Notifications
  • Comfortable tracker and easy to wear
  • Eye-catching design
  • Great battery life that lasts up to 10 days
  • Spire is water resistant, and machine washer resistant as well.
  • Wireless charging

Pros and Cons of the spire


  • Beautiful design
  • Encourages the well-being of mental health
  • Helps understanding stress triggers



  • Very basic activity tracking
  • Intermittent app sync