Spire vs Bellabeat leaf : A comparison between Stress Trackers

In the world of trackers and wearables, fitness trackers have been dominants in the health/ fitness market. However, there has been a shift when companies and individuals started acknowledging the importance of mental health as well. Therefore, you will find more trackers and wearable devices that monitor other health aspects such as stress. There have been few trackers that track your stress level and help you by coaching and breathing sessions to return to a calmer state of mind. In this post, we are comparing two wearable device that detects and tracks stress and try to reverse it; Bella beat leaf  vs Spire


Stress and our well being

The thing is, we all get stressed and we have every reason to feel this way. We are living a rapid life with huge competition in every aspect of it, sometimes it feels like we are living a” hunger game” kinda of life – that could be a little extreme but you got the point-. Medical professionals have pointed out the negative relationship between having long-term stress and anxiety and its impact on our well-being. And how being stressed can impact your overall health in the future. that’s why individuals are being encouraged to look after themselves, and have more and better insight on their stress levels. The key to solving this is to detect the issue and start solving it before it gets worse.

With the technology that we have in our hand today, this becomes an easy job. There is a growing number in the market for stress trackers and wearables. We are in an era where tech allows you to know how you feel, what is your current emotions and whether or not you have been stressed lately. Wearables make a great impact in our life, and I really think we should use the tools that we have to improve our overall health. It is not enough to track and improve our fitness, we need to pay attention to our stress.

Bellabeat leaf and spire are both wearable devices with features of tracking your stress level. In this post, we will explain their features and compare them to help you make a decision if you want to get any of them.


Leaf vs Spire

Bellabeat leaf

Bellabeat Leaf Nature

The bellabeat leaf, a tracker that has a look and a shape of a smart “jewelry” stylish piece. A health tracker that tracks the body and its activity, and also tracks the mind. Due to its motion sensors, the leaf tracks the activity and sleeping patterns and trends. With its beautiful design, the leaf is directed specifically to women as it helps even tracking the monthly cycle. The leaf comes in a very small and light design with two products on its product line; the leaf nature and leaf urban.  The leaf tracking device can be worn as a necklace, as a pin or bracelets. however, to have a better reading and analysis it is recommended to wear the leaf clipped to your body. The leaf does not have any display attached to it, or any buttons it is just a tracker with a very minimal and simple yet attractive design.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

When it comes to the activity and stress tracking features, as we said the leaf provides a good and accurate data in terms of steps, distance, and calorie.


With its accelerometer, the leaf tracks movements data and then using some algorithms it translates this into exercise, sleep, and breathing date. The bellabeat leaf will keep reminding you to move if you have been sitting around for a while.

Its basic goal is to have a minimum of 20 minutes of active movements, but you can adjust your daily goal the way you want. When it comes to sleeping, the sleep tracking on the leaf happens automatically once you get to bed. The device will track the quantity and quality of your sleep and it will provide you with data, trends, and analysis.

The leaf has a smart alarm that is set to vibrate based on your personal preference of choice and wake you up with a gentle vibration.

Bellabeat leaf Urban

Leaf and stress tracking

Leaf strength as a tracker comes in its sleep and activity tracking and monitoring the overall health and well-being. When it comes to stress track, the bellabeat leaf helps you analyze your breath and detects a stressing moment and eventually helps you cope with the stress using breathing sessions and exercises.

The leaf does not have an automatic detection for stress as it has with sleeping for example. However, the way the leaf works around stress is by initiating a stress relieving sessions through the app. This happens when you suspect that you are having a stressful moment or an anxiety attack, you will turn your leaf to calm you down. To do so you need to wear the bellabeat leaf and clip it near your waist as a waistband. By doing so, the leaf will measure your abdominal movements while you are breathing. Through the application, you will find breathing exercises that you can follow until you calm down. These exercises are intended to help you get calmer and relieving stress.

In the application accompanied by the leaf device, you will be able to view your daily data compared to the previous days. The app will also provide you with data related to your sleep trends and pattern as well as insights and general tips. Since the leaf tracks your monthly cycles, there is a section in the application that allows you to log your period and view your fertility.


Features Summary

  • Very stylish look
  • Directed to women
  • Tracks basic activities: steps, distance, and calorie
  • Sleep tracking; trends and pattern
  • Period and fertility tracking
  • Breathing sessions and exercises

The spire tracker

The Spire Stone

The spire is a breathing tracker on its first, and activity tracker second. It is a wearable that measures both your health and mental well-being just like the leaf. Unlike the bellabeat leaf, the Spire is a unisexual tracker that is not directed toward a certain gender. It is a clip tracker, and to get a better data and analysis you need to place it next to your body skin. It has a very attractive minimal design, in the shape and looks of a natural stone.

The device is lightweight, measures at 1.25 by 1.73 by 0.55 inches. The Spire stone is a clip-on tracker, that needs to be clipped and attached to your clothes for it to track your movements and breath.

It is made of comfortable material since it will be touching the skin. Powered by Qi wireless charging technology, the device can be charged wirelessly using its charging dock.


Spire Mindfulness and Activity tracker

As we already mentioned, the Spire is a wearable for a stress tracking that uses your breath to analyze your mental status. By reading and analyzing your breath, the Spire tracker will be able to know if you are tensed, focused or calm. The device focuses on three areas, activity, focus, and calm. Where the activity is measured by the motion sensors, the last two are measured by your breathing pattern.


The tracker will detect any changing occurring in your breath, and gently alert you and guide you through breathing sessions. The device’s goal is to alert you if you are having an anxiety attack so that you drop everything and focus on making yourself calmer. Once a change is detected, you will be guided through the application to make some breathing exercises to get you back to a better place.

Spire Clip-on Tracker

Not only that the Spire tracks and monitors stress, it also tracks your overall fitness and health. it counts your steps while providing real-time feedback on your breathing and your state of mind. The spire also tracks the calorie burned, and tracks your progress vs the goals that you set.The spire keeps monitoring your breath for 24/7 and even when you are asleep. It does not have a specific sleeping mode, but it will still alert you if are having an anxiety attack while sleeping.


The companion application of the Spire will display all the collected data using the wearable. You will be able to view your real-time breathing pattern due to the real-time breathing feature the Spire has. You can set and view goals and the progress that you have made. You will also be able to receive a text with actionable steps if the Spire sensed something was wrong.

There are meditation sessions in the app that you can check and participate in, which will help you be more focused. It is very recommended to wear headphones during these sessions to achieve the best results.As you can see, the spire does not have a display which is why you will be depending heavily on your phone to read your daily stats, view progress and follow breathing instructions.

In the spire, notifications come in the form of vibration that you can feel gently. This can be customized to your own preference using the application.

Features Summary

  • Minimal design
  • Tracks basic activities: steps, distance, and calorie
  • Breath tracking
  • Stress monitor and tracker
  • Stress relieving sessions

Comparison table: Leaf VS Spire

 Bellabeat Leaf
Spire Stone
Natural or composite Wood hypoallergenic stainless steel
Tracks basic activities: steps, distance and calorie
Included Included
Sleep tracking: trend and pattern
IncludedNot included
Heart rate monitors
Not included
Not included
Stress tracking
very basic and need to be initiated through the app
Included; by consistently measuring and tracking breath pattern
Vibration The leaf will vibrates if you set silent alarm to wake up, or if you have been inactive
The spire will vibrates to alert if there is something wrong with your breathing
Smart phone notification
Not included
Not included
The LEAF is splash resistant, but not waterproof.
The Spire is waterproof and sweat proof. It’s even washing machine proof
Battery life
Removable coin cell battery CR 2032, lasts up to 6 months
The spire can last for 10 days. It recharges wirelessly using the charging dock
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Spire vs leaf: the verdict

There are plenty of great features on both devices, what you choose depends on what you really need a tracker.As we already mentioned, both trackers aim to reduce stress levels and increase calmness to benefit the overall health. However, each wearable does it differently. The Spire tracks your breath for 24/7 and out of that it detects whenever you feel stressed out or having an anxiety attack. Unlike the spire, the leaf does not have a constant breathing tracking but what it does is that it provides you with help and guidance through the application’s breathing session to break out the stress.

Both trackers will track your basic activities in terms of steps, distance and calorie burned. And both of these devices will provide you with guidance sessions and training to boost your calmness and reduces stress.

If you are looking for a tracker that tracks your breath constantly and alert you when you are having a breakdown. Then it is better to go with the Spire, keeping in mind that it has basic activity tracking and no sleeping tracking.

On the other hand, if breath tracking is a second feature to you and you really care about the activity and sleeping tracking, then the leaf will do the trick to you.