Withings Activite Watch review : A stylish activity tracker

Withings Activite Watch review : A stylish activity tracker

Not everyone like the sport appearance of fitness trackers; some people finds it annoying and uncomfortable to wear for 24/7. Though fitness trackers are increasing and spreading everywhere, there are some people who prefer to have a simple watch look with fitness features on their wrist.

That’s why there are other products in the market that has a great fashionable style and a fitness tracking features to satisfy everyone. One of the these is the Withings Activite

Surely, when people see you wearing Withings Activité they will start wondering if it is a regular watch .! DEFINITELY NOT

The Withings Activite looks like a regular watch, but it has other features that makes it a semi-smart watch. With an old retro design and analog hand, the watch gives you the feeling of old and vintage look. The watch is a pure Swiss made, crafted by the hand of prestigious Parisian designers. It is made of high quality Swiss materials that includes; unbreakable, scratchproof sapphire glass.

Features of Withings Activite


As we mentioned earlier, the Withings Activite is a French craft and Swiss made analog watch. It is made of unscratchable Sapphire glass which underneath it there is a standard sensor tech hidden. The watch is housed by a 316L stainless steel watch case. The strap of the watch is made of French calf leather, and its available in two color; black and brown. The strap is made to be easily swapped without the need of experts thanks to the quick release spring bars. There is also a silicone strap that comes in the box, this one is good to wear if you want to go for a sporty look.

The watch has the usual hours and minutes hands; in addition to that it has a secondary dial that shows the progress you have made towards your goal.



What you have to know about the Withings Activite is that it is designed to be considered as a watch first, and a tracker second. What is great about it is that it has the look and the basic needed features of a fitness tracker. The Withings Activite tracks your steps, the distance walked and also the amount of calorie burned. The watch can automatically detects if you are walking, running or swimming. Also, if you keep wearing it during bed time it will automatically detect and track your sleeping. It will provide you with a brief information about your sleeping behavior; duration, cycles and interruptions.

The watch is a waterproof; up to 5 ATM (165 feet or 50 meters). Which means you can wear it to swimming pools without being worry. What is great about the Withings Activite is that you can set a silent alaram that vibrates to wake you up or remind of something. You set the alarm via the app, but you can double click on the glass dome to check what time it will go off ( the hands will move and return back to show the time in a magically feeling).

With Withings Activite, you don’t need to worry about charging. The battery lasts for up to 8 months, and the watch is designed to make the battery replacements an easy process. NO Need for experts.

Another great point about the Withings Activite is that you can use it disconnected from a smart device. However, the watch will restore the collected data for 38 hours only; which means you have to sync it regularly. Once synced and connected to a device, the time of the the Activité will be changed to match the time zone of the smart device automatically.

Withings Activité: App


Withings Activité review Health Mate app

The Withings Activite syncs its data to the Withings Health Mate app. The application saves the data collected and analyze it. You can see how many steps you have walked, distance and the calorie burned. You can also monitor your sleeping cycles and find out when do you usually sleep and wake up. You can also earns different badges as you approach your goal. Another thing is that you can motivate yourself and compete with your friends to reach your goals.

Now, after all that being said, let’s sum up the features in points

  • A great and fashionable look
  • A French crafted watch that is made in Swiss
  • The strap is made of a French leather
  • Made of :
    • Scratchproof sapphire glass
    • 316L stainless steel watch case
  • Tracks steps, distance walked, and calories burned.
  • Automatic detection of walking, running and swimming
  • Tracks sleeping behavior and cycle
  • Set a silent vibrating alarm
  • Water-resistant up to 5ATM ( 50 m)
  • Battery life: up to 8 months, no charging required
  • Real time app coaching and sharingbuy1._V192207739_


  • The Withings Activité is stunning.! One of the most beautiful and attractive watches we have ever seen.
  • Comfortable design with a replaceable strap and easy to replace batteries feature.
  • Easy to glance at your progress, no need for OLED or LED screens


  • Does not monitor the heart rate or elevation
  • Not easy to look at in the dark
  • Does not provide notifications
  • Only compatible with iOS 7 or higher ; however soon it will be compatible with android as well.
  • The alarm is not a smart alarm; meaning the alarm doesn’t wake you up in the lighter parts of your cycle.

FINALLY, we have reached the last point in our post . . . the price.

The Withings Activite is for $450, which some people might find it expensive. However, what you have to keep in your mind is that you are paying for the design and its look. If you compare it to any regular Swiss made watch, you will find the price quite reasonable especially with its fitness tracking features.