Withings Pulse O2 review: Good and affordable fitness tracker

Withings is consumer electronics company located in France that designs internet-connected devices to enhance the life of the end consumer. We have addressed one of its great products over here Withings Activite. In this post, we will be addressing the Pulse O2 Activity and fitness tracker from Withings.

The Pulse O2 is a fitness tracker designed by Withings, and it is one of Withings’s products that attracted us with its functionality and good price. When you look for a fitness tracker, you will probably think about these three factors; comfortable or not, needed function and price. And that exactly what we will be looking at in our review. So, keep reading if you’re interested to know more about the Pulse O2 from Withings.




The Pulse o2 is a pedometer tracker device that you can slip it into the watch strap that comes with it or you can clip it to your clothes. The strap is designed in a traditional watch strap design with a metallic cradle to hold the tracker. The watch straps are available in two colors, black and blue but you can always find other straps to hook your tracker with. The straps are made of rubber, and the cradle is made of metal, and that makes the pulse o2 looks and feel durable.

The tracker has a 128 x 32 OLED screen that shows the collected data, the surface of the screen is a touch sensitive. There is a navigation button that you need to press it to light the display screen. There is also a micro USB charging port and an Optoelectronics sensor at the back of the tracker.


Overall, the band is not very fashionable when you compare it to Misfit’s Shine 2 that has a stand-alone tracker which can be attached to a strap or a clip. However, it still looks good and operates in a great way and you can always change its strap to feel fashionable enough.



The pulse o2 acts like any other tracker when it comes to the basics; it tracks the steps walked, the elevation, the distance, and calorie burnt. The trackers also show the time, it tracks your sleep and read your heart rate.

The pulse o2 gives you the choice to have the time vertically displayed if you wear it on your wrist, this will give you a more of a traditional watch kind of look and experience.

Now, each function has its own window, and it pops up once you click on the button. You can swipe to the left and right to go through your historical data, as the device stores the last 10 days of data. And one big hell of a feature is the ability to measure blood oxygen levels. Yes YOU HEARD ME


You can always check on your level of Oxygen, and you might think why you need that. Well, it is very important to check your blood oxygen levels, it gives you readings on whether the muscles are getting enough to function properly. This is very important especially for the climbers, who might feel dizzy because of a shortage in the oxygen levels. You can avoid that by having your oxygen levels checked every once and a while.

As we mentioned before, the tracker reads your heart rate and your resting heart rate and compares it to your history. You simply press the sensor on the back with your finger and wait for the readings to be displayed. With that being said, you have to know that you won’t be getting a continuous hear rate readings as you wear it with the band on.

The tracker also tracks your sleeping, it gives you a great data regarding; Sleep Duration, Quality, Light and Deep Sleep and any Interruptions. However, the sleeping mode is manual which means you have to start it to go on the sleeping mode, but it turns off automatically.


Is the Pulse O2 Waterproof?

The answer to that question is No. Unfortunately, the pulse O2 is not water resistant or waterproof. Meaning, you can’t have it near water at all.

Battery life

A great thing about the Pulse O2 is that it takes one to two hours to charge its empty battery that lasts for about two weeks on a single charge as Withings claims.

Pulse O2’s Application || Withings Health Mate App


Before we explain the application, allow us to mention that the Pulse O2 supports Bluetooth 4.0 which means it supports real-time syncing. The data can be synced with iOS and Android devices easily by pressing the button and hold it for 3 seconds.

Now we move to the application, the Pulse O2 uses Withings health mate application. In the application, you will find four main categories; weight, activity, sleep, and heart. Your data will be recorded in each category and you can re-order the way the data is displayed to your preference. The application is very easy to use and read, the collected data is presented in an easy graphical representation. On the left, there is a menu where you can view leaderboard, profile, my devices, sharing information, a help center, access to the Withings store and settings. You can also view the third-party applications that work well with the Pulse O2 such as RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. The Pulse O2 integrates with more than 150 applications.

The application will send you insights and coach advises, it will also remind you to keep moving around and exercising. And you can earn badges and achievements all the way, and it also gives you a platform to compete with your friends.


So, after all what we have said, let’s keep it simple and have listed features of the Pulse O2.

    • Tracks your activity; tracks your steps, distance, elevation, and calorie burn
    • Automatic run detection
    • Reads you heart rate
    • Reads your Oxygen levels
    • Tracks and monitor your sleeping; Sleep Duration, Quality, Light and Deep Sleep and any Interruptions
    • The application gives you insight and reminders
    • Earn badges and achievements through the application
    • Compete with friends
    • Integrates with more than 150 applications
    • Have Optoelectronics sensor on the back of the device.
    • Real-time syncing
    • Price  $99

Learn more about Withings Pulse O2 Activity Tracker


Pros and cons of Withings Pulse O2

  • Great tracker
  • Accurate data
  • Great application
  • Very affordable price


  • You can’t read the screen easily in the bright light
  • Not water resistant
  • Can’t have your heart reading if you wear it on the band